About Operation Heal


Operation Heal’s purpose is designed to help individuals, or community service organizations seeking to reach the underserved, disadvantaged and “at-risk” populations, and serve as a resource of basic needs to those incapable of helping themselves with basic human needs.

Operation Heal places the highest priority on creating solutions that are both innovative and will ensure accountability. Our purpose is to reach the underserved and disadvantaged individuals through a variety of initiatives, events and activities, such as conferences, seminars and workshops through, Blog(s) and Social Media.

Operation Heal will function as a motivational enrichment program for youth, elderly, homeless and single parents. Our purpose is to contribute to individual’s general education here in the United States and Internationally. Our purpose is to offer assistance to families doing their time of bereavement; Pre-marital counseling.

Operation Heal’s purpose is to mentor fatherless young men in becoming productive citizens as well as Mighty Men of Valor. Operation Heal gives hope by opening the doors of opportunity to the disenfranchised, knowing that no community can succeed and thrive if those who live on the margins are not included.

Operation Heal, Inc. is a program which assists the local church, food banks, clothing closets and private schools through networking with other community’s service programs, outreach ministries and social services that specialize in leadership and empowerment programs.

Operation Heal, Inc. will give consideration to:

  • public educational institutions requesting support for efforts to strengthen management skills, promote professional and faculty development, increase parental involvement, encourage higher expectations and levels of motivation, further basic skills and enrichment, and encourage students to pursue higher education;
  • private educational institutions which seek to improve excellence of academic programs and provide access for the less affluent to pursue educational opportunities;
  • human service organizations seeking to reach underserved, disadvantaged and “at risk” populations in order to help them more fully participate as contributing members of the community – with special emphasis give to child welfare, mental disabilities, pregnancy prevention, homelessness, hunger, and extra-curricular recreational activities for South Florida youth;
  • programs that increase the availability and effectiveness of substance abuse treatment and initiatives focusing on criminal justice, crime reduction, and transitional services for returning ex–offenders. community development projects stabilizing and revitalizing neighborhoods, strengthening businesses, cultural tourism, technology, retail and service industries to encourage balanced growth, re-energized economy and on-going job creation;
  • workforce development activities designed to strengthen skill training opportunities for low income, underemployment and unemployed workers and seek job placements providing family-sustaining wages;
  • cultural organizations that demonstrate strong and ongoing programming and leadership, base of support, community outreach and financial stability into underserved neighborhoods and demonstrate potential for favorably strengthening neighborhoods;